Here’s a great new review (with mild spoilers) of Robert McCammon‘s Freedom of the Mask, book six in the Matthew Corbett series. Freedom of the Mask is available now in a signed, limited edition; a trade hardcover edition; ebook formats (in the U.S. and Canada); and as an audiobook from Audible, narrated by the incomparable Edoardo Ballerini!

Review: Freedom of the Mask

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Artist Vincent Chong has shared the interior art he did for Robert McCammon’s Freedom of the Mask, book six in the Matthew Corbett series. The book can be purchased from Subterranean Press.

Freedom of the Mask, the latest installment in Robert McCammon’s Matthew Corbett adventures, is now out from Subterranean Press.

The book is available in a number of editions: trade, limited and lettered.  In addition, there is a signed trade edition of which there are only 1000 copies.  The limited and lettered editions include an exclusive bonus novella, The House at the Edge of the World, as well as some interior art and endpaper art that isn’t in the trade edition.

Here are the b&w interiors I did to accompany the main novel.


This is the colour interior that’s exclusive to the limited/lettered edition.


These are the illustrations that accompany the bonus novella in the limited/lettered edition.

And finally, here’s the endpaper art in the limited/lettered edition.


kindle-audibleRobert McCammon’s Freedom of the Mask, book six in the Matthew Corbett series, is available now! While Subterranean Press began shipping books a couple of weeks ago, the ebook and audiobook editions are now available. If you purchase the Kindle ebook, you can add the Audible audiobook for only $1.99 more!

I hope to have an audiobook giveaway later this week. Stay tuned!

Regarding the trade edition from Amazon, it shows as “Temporarily Out of Stock.” I checked in with Bill at Subterranean this morning, and he said that Amazon’s carrier was late picking up their shipments, so Amazon should have the books soon, if they don’t already.

In addition to the starred review from Publishers Weekly, two more fantastic, non-spoiler reviews of Freedom of the Mask were posted this week.

NetGalley reviewer Chris concludes:

“5 stars. The type of book that is the reason we love stories. Imagination too large for a movie can only exist in books like this. Adventure just doesn’t get any better.”

NetGalley user Chris McCaffrey: Freedom of the Mask

And Elitist Book Reviews concludes:

“FREEDOM OF THE MASK has every bit the adventure of the prior two novels, but also manages to incorporate more of the historical details and stylings of the first few novels. It is, simply put, an incredible novel.”

Elitist Book Reviews: Freedom of the Mask

Subterranean Press is shipping the trade edition of Freedom of the Mask now. You can order a copy from their website. Lettered and limited editions are still pre-orderable, too. (They will ship once the traycases and slipcases are completed.)

The audiobook and ebook editions will be released on Tuesday, May 31.

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Freedom of the Mask by Robert McCammonWe’re pleased to announce that the TRADE hardcover of Robert McCammon’s Freedom of the Mask is in stock and shipping. (If you ordered the limited or lettered editions, please be patient. Those will be along in due course.)

Freedom may just be the most exciting of the Matthew Corbett novels yet, garnering a starred review from Publishers Weekly:

McCammon’s rousing sixth yarn featuring Matthew Corbett (after 2014’s The River of Souls) transports the early 18th-century American problem solver across the Atlantic to London, where he’s clapped into hellish Newgate Prison on murder charges. Matthew quickly becomes embroiled in mysteries involving fellow inmate Daniel Defoe; a gin-running street gang, the Black-Eyed Broodies; a kidnapped Italian opera singer; and a masked avenger named Albion, whose exploits are sensationalized (along with Matthew’s) in a penny dreadful broadsheet, the Pin

Want to read more, including an excerpt from the novel, and an interview with the author? Check out the book’s product page.

The ebook and audiobook editions will be available no later than May 31. Both can be pre-ordered now

Pre-order the audiobook from Audible
Pre-order the ebook for Kindle, NOOK, Kobo