Great reviews for Freedom of the Mask

In addition to the starred review from Publishers Weekly, two more fantastic, non-spoiler reviews of Freedom of the Mask were posted this week.

NetGalley reviewer Chris concludes:

“5 stars. The type of book that is the reason we love stories. Imagination too large for a movie can only exist in books like this. Adventure just doesn’t get any better.”

NetGalley user Chris McCaffrey: Freedom of the Mask

And Elitist Book Reviews concludes:

“FREEDOM OF THE MASK has every bit the adventure of the prior two novels, but also manages to incorporate more of the historical details and stylings of the first few novels. It is, simply put, an incredible novel.”

Elitist Book Reviews: Freedom of the Mask

Subterranean Press is shipping the trade edition of Freedom of the Mask now. You can order a copy from their website. Lettered and limited editions are still pre-orderable, too. (They will ship once the traycases and slipcases are completed.)

The audiobook and ebook editions will be released on Tuesday, May 31.

Pre-order the audiobook from Audible
Pre-order the ebook for Kindle, NOOK, and Kobo

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