Robert McCammon on Freedom of the Mask

Subterranean Press posted this today:

Over at the Freedom of the Mask product page, we’ve posted a brand new interview with Robert McCammon, and an excerpt from the novel.

To get you started, here’s one of the questions from the interview:

GB: Getting such a note-perfect glimpse of 1700s America is one of the highlights of the series, and this new volume stays in fine form despite the move in scenery. Did you have to do a lot of research on England in this period or was it already something you were a buff about? Any surprising tidbits from your research?

RM: I had already done a lot of research on London and was saving it up for this book. Also I’ve had the idea of the hidden village in Wales for a long time. Nothing really surprised me about my research except to realize how really crazed, blood-thirsty and wicked that city was during the time period I’m writing about…what there was of the law had its hands full and mostly stayed out of the way. Oh, and I couldn’t really describe the full reality of Newgate Prison because no modern reader would believe it…the prisoners had a bar in there and had their liquor brought in…at the same time prisoners were killing each other over pairs of shoes and the guards were being paid by the inmates…it was crazy!

As a reminder, the signed limited edition and lettered edition contain a new bonus 22,000 word novella available nowhere else, as well as color plates by Vincent Chong.

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Freedom of the Mask will be published in May 2016. Ebook and audiobook editions will also be published then.

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