Upcoming Matthew Corbett releases from Lividian Publications!

Lividian Publications posted their schedule for several upcoming Robert McCammon releases this year. You can read their entire post here.

The Matthew Corbett news is that 2023 will see the release of Seven Shades of Evil, the collection of short stories from Matthew Corbett’s World, including four new stories, and a trade paperback release of The King of Shadows on September 19, 2023! They’re also releasing a limited edition of Gone South and trade paperbacks of The Listener and The Border.

Here are the excerpts from their announcement regarding the Matthew books:

* Three new Robert McCammon trade paperbacks will be announced publicly for preorder on April 24 through the Lividian website and some of our favorite retailers, along with Amazon and the other big chains.  The Border will be published on July 25, The King of Shadows will be published on September 19, and The Listener will be published on December 12. There will be a “first printing” bundle of all three books, which will ship in July. Join our mailing list for the official announcement.

* In early May, we will be announcing our trade hardcover, Limited Edition, and Lettered Edition of Seven Shades of Evil by Robert McCammon, the next volume in his acclaimed Matthew Corbett series. The Limited Edition and Lettered Edition will be offered on May 1 to those who purchased the same edition of The King of Shadows directly from our site. On May 3, my Patreon supporters will be offered their advance ordering window. Any copies of the Limited Edition and Lettered Edition that remain, along with the trade hardcover, will be offered to the Lividian mailing list and via our favorite retailers on May 8.

I highly recommend you sign up for the McCammon-News mailing list and the Lividian Publications mailing list!


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