Early praise for Mister Slaughter

  • The first full-blown review of Robert McCammon’s Mister Slaughter has been posted by Mark Seiber at The Horror Drive-In. Mark loved it: 

    “But there’s more. Far more. McCammon provides numerous subplots and the criminal conspiracy Corbett encountered in The Queen of Bedlam is still afoot. There’s also a sinister bloody fingerprint on a playing card that still holds a dire portent for the young detective. Matthew’s relationship with young Berry is further explored and numerous other colorful characters that readers became acquainted with in The Queen of Bedlam are featured in Mister Slaughter.”To sum up this long, rambling piece short, Robert McCammon is back with a new book, a new publisher and the future looks good for him. As well as his readers. Don’t pass up Mister Slaughter and if you haven’t read Speaks the Nightbird and The Queen of Bedlam, you’d better start reading. Fiction doesn’t get any better than these books.”

    Other comments include:


    • Brian Keene via Twitter: “I finished Robert McCammon’s forthcoming @subpress book last night. Wonderful read! One of his 3 best novels.” 
    • Wayne C. Rogers via the McCammon Facebook page

      I got lucky. I just finished reading an advanced copy of Mister Slaughter and thought it was actually better than the first two “Matthew Corbett” novels, and I loved them. I really didn’t want this novel to end, knowing that it might… be two or more years before the fourth one in the series comes out.All I’m going to say right now is that if you like the character of Hannibal Lector in the Thomas Harris novels, then you’re going to love Mister Slaughter. Mister Slaughter is one of the most evil characters I’ve come across in fiction. To deal with him, Matthew will have to look deep within himself to find the strength to fight a battle that he may end up losing, the prize being his life. This book is definitely Robert McCammon at his best. This is also a novel that you will want to keep in hardcover and as a collector’s item.


    • Mark Justice (Pod of Horror) via Twitter: “Currently reading Mister Slaughter, and it’s the best thing I’ve read in months.”


  • Mark Justice’s full review of Mister Slaughter will soon be available on HorrorWorld. Here’s an excerpt from his review: 

    “Once again, McCammon manages to organically insert period detail without making the facts seem forced. And while delivering a thriller that could stand alongside any contemporary bestseller, the author slyly addresses many of the era’s social concerns, including slavery, poverty and health care.”For those readers who have yet to try one of the Corbett novels because they’re not exactly in the horror genre, I urge you to reconsider. Mister Slaughter is one of the most satisfying nail-biters you’ll read all year.”


  • Mister Slaughter is on schedule to be released in January 2010. Order it today from Subterranean Press!

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