The King of Shadows trade paperback release (and others)

Lividian Publications is publishing three more Robert McCammon novels in trade paperback formats in 2023!

The Border will be published on July 25, The King of Shadows will be published on September 19, and The Listener will be published on December 12.

In addition to offering the books separately, Lividian will offer a bundle of a limited run of true first printings of these trade paperbacks. This bundle of all three books is for collectors, to be shipped together, that are guaranteed to be from the first printings and are marked as such on their copyright pages. Books purchased individually or from Amazon, et al, may be print-on-demand books, due to the worldwide shortage of paper that’s still happening.

The combined retail value of the three books is $72.97, but the bundle price is just $49 and supplies are limited!

For more details, please visit the product pages at Lividian Publications:

Here is Vincent Chong’s new cover for the trade paperback edition of The King of Shadows:

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